Fast and Affordable Bulk Email Verification With Proofy

Email verification is often overlooked. If you maintain a list of subscribers, it is necessary to ensure you protect your sender reputation by cleaning your list regularly. This post is a review of Proofy, an amazing email verification tool.

Email Verification

We maintain a large e-learning platform with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. We built our audience over a period of 10 years and had not paid attention to cleaning it frequently. We have tried numerous email verification providers (both online and desktop software) and most of them did a half job of it while others were too expensive for our business model, that is until we found Proofy.

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They have an amazing offering for an incredibly low price (with the occasional promos which make their offers even more unbeatable; currently there is a 50% off on all plans which you can request after signing up). We love the ease of use, the dashboard is super simple to navigate. For first-time users, you get 500 free email checks upon sign-up which helps you evaluate the features they provide and the efficacy of the overall service. De-duplication is handled quite well. You get the standard spam trap detection, risky / bad domain detection, bounce handling and more. They offer 98.5% deliverability / accuracy guarantee, this is a bit higher than what most competitors offer in the industry. Support is available throughout the week.

Finally, we love the API integration feature along with the simple instructions to implement this; basically, you can call their API on your platform or website and verify new users upon sign-up; you then never have to worry about bounces.

To get started using Proofy, head over to the sign up page here. Once you’re signed up, you will receive an email to confirm your account. You get 500 free checks and can purchase more as you go. Simply upload your email lists under the verify section of the dashboard to get started with verification. The dashboard only has 7 menu items which simplifies moving around and the documentation is straightforward.

Your sender reputation is very important and you could easily get flagged for spam, abuse or jeopardize your domain and server status because of a ‘dirty’ list. For this, you need a reliable partner and tool to get the job done. If you have a list in the millions, this can get quite expensive with most providers. To put this difference in context, most providers charge $400 for a list with 100,000 emails; Proofy charges $75 with instant access, no restrictions and an average 45 minutes turnaround time. This is a mind-blowing 80% savings. Bottom line, we highly recommend Proofy.

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