Google Adwords: 2 networks, setting up your account and best practices

The Google advertising network is the largest and most cost-effective channel for digital in Tanzania as well as most of the world. With massive reach and a guaranteed cap on your maximum Cost per Click (CPC) and daily budget; Google AdWords is highly recommended for advertisers.

As with any advertising platform, account structure is critical to success. The golden rule here is to go granular for visibility BUT only if you have the time to manage it.

Google AdWords Account Structure Campaign Best Practices

Campaigns and best practices

Always separate your search and display types of campaigns. Also separate the former with the sub-types mobile apps and re-marketing. Both the search and display networks have features (bid, ad type, targeting and more) specific to them; it makes sense to create separate campaigns for each to better understand results and optimize.

Monitor at the campaign level to see what works and adjust accordingly. Below is a typical account structure in Google AdWords.

Search and Display Networks

Both the search and display networks have completely different metrics, which is why it’s strongly recommended they be kept separate.  

Active searchersPassive searches
Ads targeted to queriesAds targeted at content blocks
Lengthy, exact match keyword listsShort, broad match keyword lists
Text ads onlyText and image ads


That sums up our first article in this series on Google AdWords. In the next article, we’ll look at the Search Network in depth, including how to create ad groups, how to name them, add text ads, keywords and more. Be sure to subscribe so you catch every post!

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