The Administration Function – 5 Critical Activities Undertaken

Activities undertaken by the Administration function

Under systems theory, the administration function performs important activities to first define systems and procedures. Secondly, communication is vital for interrelation of the parts. Third is monitoring and controlling. Information, relevant and up-to-date is needed to drive strategic decisions and lastly, systems must be setup to meet statutory duties.
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Why You Need Business Planning – 18 Powerful Reasons

the importance of business planning

In a previous post, we’ve looked at how to create a successful business plan. But what is the value of business planning? Should you do it? Find out 18 helpful ways that business planning can add value to your existing or potential venture.
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Financial Statements – A Comprehensive Introduction


In this article on financial statements, we explore the regulatory framework, users of financial statements, purposes of financial statements, qualitative characteristics of financial statements, components of financial statements and the balance sheet.
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